Public Relations & Advertising

sphere with words Concept, relationship, marketing, logo, websites, flyers, email, etc..Effective public relations helps you tell your story to customers, prospects, and other key audiences. You can make your point using a variety of strategies and tactics. Examples include:

Press Releases – inform editors about new products, events, company developments and other newsworthy activities. Key success factors include timing, newsworthiness, key messages, and relationship-building with editors and publishers.

Media Relations – identify potential stories and opportunities for commentary or other contributions in trade journals, newspapers, e-zines, online calendars, etc. Key success factors include understanding information needs, establishing relationships and timing.

Advertising – reinforce messages with your target audiences. Advertising can range from online banner ads and search engine advertising to printed materials and compelling ads in trade show programs or special editions of publications. From concept and design to media planning, copywriting, and placement, I will work with you to develop a campaign to reach your clients.